Cambridge Cats Basketball - 30 Years History Behind Us


Our aim is to provide a development pathway through which players of all ages and abilities can improve their basketball and leadership skills, whether participating purely for fun or having a goal to compete at a higher level.

We welcome and engage all players, regardless of age, ethnicity, religion, or gender, and we promote an environment where every player is encouraged to reach their own ‘next level’ and fulfil their potential.

At Cambridge Cats Basketball we instil an understanding that success comes through hard work and discipline which are the foundations on which to build your dreams.

We expect our coaches and players to serve each other and develop leadership skills to be used far beyond the basketball court.

Our message is that relationships are bigger than basketball, and to care about each other is far more important than winning or losing.

While we promote the pursuit of excellence to become the best that we can be. We will always encourage and motivate each other through positive reinforcement, making every session an enjoyable personal learning experience.