Meet our dedicated and experienced coaching staff

Pete Charlwood

Coach/Technical Director

I joined The Cats in 2008. I strive to create a fun, high intensity environmemt, challenging players to take ownership and strive for excellence in every moment. I have coached the Men’s, U12, U14, U16 and U18 Boys teams and developed the U17 Acadmey Programme at Long Road Sixth Form College in partnership with the club.

Diego Castoldi


I joined The Cats in 2009 as a player and coach. I coach my players to make good, quick decisions with a focus on teamwork and having fun. I have coached the boys youth teams from U12 to U18. I have not coached the girls, mens or womens teams…yet!

Terry Reaves

Coach/Community Organizer

I started coaching with The Cats in 2013. I try to teach my teams to play hard, play smart and play together – and above all have fun! I have coached most of the boys age groups, U12s, U14s, U16s and U18s.  I haven’t coached the U11s or any of the girls teams, but hope to one day.

Nicola Yorke


I joined The Cats in 2009 as a player and coach of the Women’s team. Since then, I have also coached U9 & U11 mixed groups and the U14 Girls team. My philosophy is to have fun while encouraging teamwork, caring for one another on and off the court and respecting everyone in the basketball community.

Matt Spencer-Skeen


I started with The Cats in 2014. I have coached the U16 Boys as well as the Womens and Mens Senior teams. I coach to empower players to make their own decisions on the court, to focus on communicating as a team and always competing no matter the scoreline.

Ilias Marios Oikonomou


I joined The Cats in 2021, coaching U14 Boys. Prior to this I coached professionally at youth and adult levels in Greece. The beauty of basketball is its pace and need for cooperation. I aim to develop players with strong decision making and teamwork while improving their physical and mental performance.

Nicola Buso


I started coaching with The Cats in 2018. I coach my teams to play together, defend hard and have loads of fun. I’ve coached the U9 & U11 mixed groups as well as the Girls program at U14, U16 and U18.

Aubrey Chawira


I joined The Cats in 2021 coaching the U16 Girls.  Above all my coaching philosopy is about giving 100%, enjoying the game and creating memorable moments for yourself and the team. Basketball is a great tool to help you create healthy relationships, character building and is great for setting targets for yourself.

Marcello Consonni


I joined The Cats in 2013 coaching U16 boys. One year later I started coaching the U9 & U11 mixed group and have done so ever since. For my youngest players, my priority is to see a smile on their faces at the end of practice, without too much pressure. For our U11 team we train for tough competitive games with an emphasis on having fun.

Jason Miranda


I started coaching with The Cats in 2016. Fundamentals, defence and rebounding are my obsessons. These elements get the ball in your hands and that’s where the points happen. Supporting and connecting with teammates is central to my team ethos. That’s what makes this the best game in the world! I have coached U14 and U18 Boys, U9 & U11 mixed groups and U14 Girls teams.

Olivia Maury


I’ve been part of the club since 2006 as a player and coach. I have coached  U9 & U11 mixed groups as well as Girls U14, U16 and U18 . I started the girls section of the club with five enthusiastic U14 girls about 6 years ago and we haven’t stopped growing since. I teach fundamentals well and encourage group cohesion through fun sessions.

Clinton Wedderburn